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At Language Planet Montessori we are focused on instilling a love of learning that will carry on throughout your child’s life.

Using Montessori principals, our aim is to enable a child to achieve their full potential and love of learning by promoting independence, empowerment, and personal responsibility. Our classroom encompasses all of the six core areas of Montessori learning—practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, cultural and creative activities.

But, what makes us especially different from other schools is our language program. In addition to the regular language program applied during the normal school day, we offer an after school language intensive. The children will learn Spanish, French, and Italian through song, story, and play. They will learn about the geography and cultures behind the languages they learn to speak, which will help to give them an appreciation and understanding of different places and people.

Imagine your son or daughter coming home to recite their days of the week in French! Or their colors in Spanish! Our after school language intensive is a fun way for children to become multilingual, and at an age when language is so easily acquired.