Integrating Language Every Day

Our language program is applied during the normal school day, every day. The children will learn Spanish, French, and Italian through song, story, and play. They will learn about the geography and cultures behind the languages they learn to speak, which will help to give them an appreciation and understanding of different places and people.

Our multilingual program sets us apart from other schools in North Wake County. Our language program includes Italian, French and Spanish. According to experts, introducing children to foreign languages should begin as early as possible. For a child, the advantages and benefits of learning multiple languages at an early age are extremely valuable and continue long into adulthood.

Benefits of learning foreign languages at an early age:

• When children learn multiple languages at a young age, they develop a life-long love of communicating with others.

• By incorporating foreign languages into your curriculum, children develop a greater appreciation for diversity.

• When young children learn about the structure of other languages, their ability in English is enhanced.

• Because the brain automatically compartmentalizes each language correctly, young children have the ability to learn many languages without getting them confused.

• When children learn a second language at an early age, they will achieve a more native grasp of both grammar and pronunciation in the second language.

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Children will experience language throughout the school day with:

  • Repetition
  • Songs/rhymes
  • Role play
  • Puppets
  • Games
  • Action Enriched
  • Environment
  • Fun!!