How does my child choose his work?

Montessori classrooms are filled with materials designed to spark interest and purposeful activity. Your child is free to choose his or her own materials and work with them for as long as the or she wishes. Careful and meticulous recording of your child’s progress is documented so that all aspects of the areas are covered and introduced.

What is your policy on allergies?

We serve a mixture of fruit and vegetables to the children at snack time. Our registration forms ask you about any dietary requirements and/or allergies your child may have. We are currently operating as a completely tree nut free facility.

How are the languages divided up?

French, Italian and Spanish are taught in quarters, however daily we sing our ‘Good Morning’ songs, the ‘Goodbye’ songs, days of the week and Birthday songs in all four languages.

How do I know this is right for my child?

This method is especially good for children who are self-directed, can work independently for extended lengths of time, and work well alone or in small groups.  The focus on individual learning allows your child to work at their own pace. Maria Montessori developed this method to embrace all characters and during you tour we can set up an interview with your child and give them an opportunity to experience one of our mornings. From that , we will be able to determine whether this would be a good fit.

Does my child have to be potty trained?

No. At LPM we understand that nothing in life is black and white and potty area is certainly a grey area! When your child (and of course mum and dad)  are ready, we will be there to support the process and be as consistent as possible so as to make the process as smooth as possible !